Message From Transport Administrator


Transport Section plays a vital role in Islamic University. The Islamic University is situated in middle place of Kushtia and Jhenidah district. It is 24 k.m far from Kushtia and 23 k.m  from Jhenidah. A large number of teachers, officers and students live in Kushtia and Jhenidah. There is no sufficient residential arrangement for honorable teachers, officers, students and employees. The University has own 40 vehicles like- 09 Big buses, 05 Mini buses, 04 Mini buses (A.C), 02 Micros (A.C), 03 Micros (Non A.C), 03 Private cars, 02 Pick ups, 07 Jeeps, 02 Ambulances, 01 Motorcycle and 02 Void vehicles. Lacking of enough transport privilege, the transport office has to rent approximately 38 buses by circulating in the three routs (Kushtia, Jhenidah and Shailkupa). Need of transports are increasing day by day. That's why, the present administration has purchased 04 new (A.C) buses, 03 new pajeros and 01 new micro. Meanwhile, the present administration has also repaired most of the buses which were unable to move anywhere. Some buses are in the garage which will be repaired as early as possible.


(Dr. Md. Anowar Hossain)

 Transport Administrator


Cell: 880 1716-020877