Lalon Shah Hall

Facilities / Hall


  1. The hall provides residential facility to 430 students.
  2. There is a mosque in this hall where around 300 muslim students can perform prayer together.
  3. There is a big and well equipped dinning inside the hall where about 150 students can take meal together.
  4. There is a big common room in hall where the students can watch TV, read newspaper, play carom, table tennis and so on.
  5. The generator service is also available in the hall in times of power failure.
  6. The Wi-Fi connection is available in the hall for 24 hours.
  7. The hall is decorated two gardens in front hall which have various beautiful flowers that enhanced the beauty of the hall.
  8. There is a reading room, debating society room, language club in the hall where the students can learn and practice various languages.
  9. There is a well decorated guest room for the guest.
  10. The hall also provides laundry facility for the residential students where students can wash and iron their clothes at low cost.

Considering higher security of the students. The hall administration has put CCTV camera at every corner of the hall so Lalon shah hall is always under CCTV surveillance.