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Message From Chairman

Welcome to the Department of Geography and Environment at Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh. 

Our department is multifaceted and has diverse fields ranging from geosciences, GIS, to social & cultural geography including environmental hazards. The broad academic backgrounds of our faculty and the spatial thinking approach make our department easy to connect with many other disciplines in collaborative endeavors. The vision of our department is to lead the interdisciplinary investigation of many critical social and natural challenges and problems of the 21st century tied to regional, landscape, and environmental changes through a spatiotemporal lens. We emphasize geospatial concepts and lead the emerging environmental issues, and development of geography, geoscience, and GIS programs to attract outstanding undergraduate & graduate students and faculty.

The major missions of our department include: (1) to conduct research that advances scientific knowledge in geographical science and support interdisciplinary research programs, (2) to train students in spatial thinking at both undergraduate and graduate levels to serve society, and (3) to provide innovative professional service to broader communities through various outreach programs using new geographical concepts and spatial methods. The overarching goal of both our programs is to train the next generation of students to serve society and be critical spatial thinkers, using geographic theories and approaches to tackle some of the most challenging problems and questions facing the discipline and society. We have excellent faculty with diverse interests and connections.