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Message From Chairman

Message from the Chairman

 It is my immense pleasure to introduce the Department of Accounting & Information Systems as one of the oldest departments of Islamic University. The Department of Accounting and Information Systems (AIS) is the foremost and popular Department in the Islamic University as well as in the business field of our country. It produces top business leadership that has gone on to become founders and high level executives of some of the top business organizations home and abroad.

 Today’s world especially business world is rapidly changing and the business leaders of tomorrow must have to be adoptive to the changes. Department of AIS seeks to use behavioral science and knowledge to help each BBA graduate for adjusting more rapidly to the changes. We update and redesign our course curricula and induce fresh courses which are deemed to be fit for the international level. Faculty members of this Department are highly qualified with strong academic backgrounds, skills, experiences, performances and researches. They are not only highly qualified but also committed to guiding and taking responsibilities to maintain the standard of education offered by the Department of Accounting and Information Systems.

 Our Department has well-equipped computer lab, seminar library, fully air conditioned specious classrooms and examination hall with adequate lighting, sophisticated multimedia projectors for visual presentation using computers. We have well-decorated office of the Chairman of the Department, conference room, moderation and oral examination room and well-furnished room for each faculty member with internet connection. The Department is actively involved in organizing different extracurricular activities like conferences, seminars, workshops, sports, study tours, picnic and various cultural programs in addition to the regular classroom activities. Besides, the Department also maintains a strong linkage with the ex-students, business community, business leaders and professional managers for the development of the quality of the graduates.

 Thank you for considering us as your possible home. May Allah help us!

 (Professor Dr. Md. Zakir Hossain)

Chairman, Department of Accounting & Information Systems Islamic University, Kushtia.