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The Department of Public Administration is established in 2015 which started its journey  in the name of Politics & Public  Administration since 1990.  Having  been  bifurcated  from  the  main  stream,  the  Department  of  Public  Administration and the Department Political Science came into being in 2015 under the faculty of  Humanities and Social Sciences. Now, Public Administration is one of the leading departments of  the Islamic University. Since its establishment, the department has been conducting undergraduate  and postgraduate academic programs and offering 4-year undergraduate program BSS (Honours), 1-year Master Program (MSS) , M.Phil and Ph.D degrees with much reputation.  The  degree  programs  of  the  department  have  strong  theoretical  and  qualitative orientation.  The  department  has  a  high  profile  curriculum  and  be  updated  regularly  enough  to  address  the  recent  national  and  international  issues  concerned.  Students  are  required  to  take  the  core  courses  like  Public  administration,  Public  Management,  Personnel  and  Human  Resources  Management,  Comparative  Public  Administration,  Financial  Administration,  Development  Administration,  Organization  Behavior,  Sociology  etc.  Beyond  these,  there  are  several  applied  courses  such  as  Statistics and Research Methodology, Computer Application, Project Management, Administrative  Systems  Analysis  and  Public  Policy.  Since  2017-2018  academic  session  the  department  has  been  following semester system in conducting the courses and taking the examinations. The medium of  instruction of this department is in English.

At present the department has 12 full-time faculty members. The faculty members have very good  academic and research track records. The faculty members incessantly work together to contribute to the public interest through high quality and ethical teaching, research, capacity building. The total number of students is about 468 in undergraduate and  Master’s level, 06 in M.Phil and  02 in Ph.D programs.

Faculty members of the department are also committed to expand student’s intellectual capacity by  their  thought  provoking  discussion  in  and  away  from  the  classroom.  The  department  encourages  students to participate in the class to make it lively . The department is equipped with necessary  digital facilities like overhead projector, WiFi etc. The seminar library is rich with necessary reference  and text books.

The department publishes a regular peer reviewed research journal named Journal of Politics &  Administration to enhance research activities in the field of Administration and development.. The  department  offers  unique  opportunity  for  its  students  to  consult  with  Student  Counselor  on  diversified issues.  Graduates are well established in their own profession. A large number of former students of the  department  are  now  holding  positions  in  Bangladesh  Civil  service  and  other  national  and  multinational organizations.


Mission and Vision of the Department


The mission of the Department of Public Administration is to offer and impart a broad spectrum of studies which are expected to yield positive results in the process of teaching-learning both for the teacher and taught. There is a constant endeavor to achieve a remarkable standard in tertiary level of education imparted in this discipline. The Department of Public Administration commits to pursue a broad-based, scientific and updated modern undergraduate, post-graduate and higher studies curriculum which has been designed as such so that the educators and pupils in this discipline can acquire optimum knowledge and achieve high academic standard to cope with the needs of the fast changing world.


Professor Mohammad Zulfiquar Hossain, Ph.D


Department of Public Administration

Islamic University, Kushtia