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The Department of Law is the oldest department of the Faculty of Law. It started functioning at the inception of the University in 1990. Founding Chairman M. Ahsan Khan is a renowned educationist.

Department of Law

Islamic University, Kushtia


A vision of the Department

To become the global standard leading entity in preparing professionals who provide leadership and worth mentioning legal services to the changing society.


Mission of the Department

The department will prepare students to be innovative, knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the field of legal education and practices by providing basic and improve knowledge, techniques and skills of law. 


4 (Four) Year LLB Honours Program


Vision of the Program

To develop a strong foundation of legal skills and a leadership mindset to excel in and make a difference in today's competitive world.


Mission of the Program

Prepare social leaders and legal professionals in the respective fields by enhancing critical thinking, reinforcing the application of knowledge and skills in problem-solving, increasing both oral and written communication skills, and enabling other relevant skills, i.e., legal analysis and reasoning, legal research, factual investigation, counseling, negotiation, understanding litigation and alternative dispute resolution procedure, organization and management of legal work. Professional ethics should be pursued throughout the curriculum.

Objectives of the Program

  1. To provide adequate and understanding knowledge of the law, its nature, scope, sources, authority, and legal concept;
  2. To set up the relationship of law with other disciplines;
  3. To create the ability on analyzing legal methods and approaches;
  4. To prepare professionally qualified and skillful lawyers and judges;
  5. To develop a practical method of teaching and learning law for meeting the people's demand of access to justice;
  6. To integrate multi-disciplinary approaches to learning law, i.e., problem method, case study method, presentation, seminar, discussion, moot court, mock trial, juristic clinic, etc.
  7. To reconsider justice and social value.
  8. To enable the graduates to develop their interpersonal skills.