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The department of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology, Islamic University, Kushtia began its journey in 1995 with a few teaching staff and some 25 undergraduate students under the leadership of the Professor Dr. M. Alauddin (later became the Vice-Chancellor of this University). In 2016, the name of the department has been changed to Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering (ACCE). Today ACCE has a team of highly qualified and professionally well experienced academic members who are actively engaged in research within and outside the country.The objective of the ACCE is to provide education and research from the fundamentals of Chemistry to the most recent fields of applied chemical science. The department provides training on the production of chemicals from experimental level to industrial scale of today's use and their safe handling, information literacy, experimental techniques and operation of analytical instruments. ACCE have close research links with the institutions of countries like Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Students entering ACCE leave with self-confidence on the subject to meet any challenges demanded by their jobs.